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Brick Veneer

putting up the concrete

A brick veneer wall is a faux brick structure that utilizes real brick in a different capacity. Brick veneer is a thinner layer of actual brick that is attached to a plastered wall using an adhesive and mortar to seal the brick into place. Instead of building a 3D structure with brick, you can think of brick veneers as 2D structures, where the brick is laid flat on the wall’s surface to mimic the appearance of a full brick wall.

Brick Veneer Options

If you are thinking of installing a brick veneer wall for the first time, you will probably want to know what your options are. You can choose from a wide range of brick styles and colors, as well as finishes that accommodate your preferred aesthetic. You can also choose the size of the brick and the style and shape. You have many brick veneer options when choosing us to install your brick veneer wall. It should also be noted that brick veneer walls can be installed indoors or outdoors.

Brick Veneer Feature Walls

A brick veneer feature wall is a centralized and dominant wall that appears in many homes and apartments as the focal point of a room. Adding brick veneers to your interior space is a great way to implement texture and dimension to an otherwise dull and plain space. If you were ever wondering how brick walls were able to make it indoors, if the building itself is not made from brick, your answer is a brick veneer feature wall! Like any other brick veneer wall, brick veneers are attached to the surface of the wall using a heavy-duty adhesive to create a brick-like appearance.

Stone Veneer

Like brick veneers, stone veneers are a cheaper and more cost-efficient alternative to standard stone structures. You can picture stone veneers to be front-facing surfaces that appear as stone on one side and not the other. This allows you to take any wall that's been plastered and attach the stone veneer to it and without having to completely tear down the wall and start with stone from scratch. Stone veneer can be used indoors and outdoors, especially for your entryways, fireplaces, or interior stone accent walls.

Brick Veneer Costs

Because brick veneer is not actually made from an entire brick, you can expect to pay a much lower price for the brick veneer wall than you would with a standard brick structure. This is because the layers of brick that are attached to the brick veneer wall are much thinner and, therefore, do not require as much labor to attach them or seal them together. Instead, a brick veneer is similar to a thick, hardened sticker. The brick sticker is placed on the wall with the appropriate adhesive, and this process is repeated over and over until your wall is covered with the layers of brick veneer. For these reasons, brick veneers tend to be much cheaper than actual brick but give you the same appearance as a brick.

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