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Commercial Masonry

putting up the bricks

Commercial masonry services are available to our commercial clients who are looking for an even higher professional standard when it comes to creating and installing a new structure on a commercial level. Doing so requires extensive planning and preparation to ensure that the building itself is safe for others and that using masonry techniques and building resources will be enough to provide that safety. We offer commercial solutions to fit all of your needs so that you never have to worry whether or not your commercial space will be up to code regulations or if the brick is the right building material for your commercial project.

Masonry Construction

As with all of our projects, we always begin by assessing the land that is available and preparing it accordingly, so that building on top of it is easier and more efficient. Preparing the land for a new building structure will ensure that any masonry structure situated on top of it doesn't shift or tilt after installation. The same can be said of any surface material that is installed, including patios, driveways, and walkways. If your land hasn’t been adequately prepared, this can lead to premature cracking in your brick, which can be tedious and expensive to replace.

Masonry Repair Services

If your brick does begin to crack or deteriorate prematurely, you can rest easy knowing that you have a professional, commercial mason company on call. We offer masonry repair services that are affordable and reliable. We don't believe that you should have to break the bank every time there is a damage in your brickwork, especially your commercial brickwork. By supplying our repair services, we can help you prolong the overall lifespan of your brickwork for your commercial building for as long as possible and with repair solutions that you can depend on for many years to come. Our repair services can keep you and others safe when using your commercial property.

Large-scale Masonry Projects

Large-scale masonry projects can include anything of extensive measure or height, where one or two team members would not be enough to fulfill the job. We provide large-scale masonry services for those that need our services to create a larger structure and have a timeframe to do so in. For our large-scale projects, we enlist the assistance of our commercial masons, who have experience in taking on grand masonry projects, such as building commercial properties, retail spaces, entertainment spaces, and much more.

Project Timelines

As with all of our commercial building projects, we do our best to accommodate the sensitive timeline that you have to adhere to. We know that opening your business to customers and the public is likely to rely on our ability to complete a brickwork project and make the space more open and available to your audiences. For this reason, we work diligently to ensure that important deadlines are met and that we can adequately fulfill any project within the allocated timeline that is discussed during the initial consultation.

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