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fire place with cover

We believe that fireplaces are one of the unique structures in your home, and for this reason, we like to emphasize the importance of choosing a fireplace that you will love and enjoy. We can help you create the perfect fireplace with either brick or stone. There are many ways to customize an existing fireplace by building it outward and finishing it with unique touches that help it stand out even more. If you want a fireplace that you can lounge around and truly enjoy, we are here to help you obtain exactly that!

Best Fireplaces in Ottawa

We are delighted to offer the best fireplaces in the Ottawa, ON area. Our range of fireplace solutions was designed to help you with some general inspiration in regards to your fireplace. Your fireplace has the potential to work as a centerpiece to your family room or living room, and can even be a place for you host guests, sit by the fire, or read a book. When we assist you in creating the perfect fireplace, we always recommend using our specialty building materials, brick, and stone. These materials are incredibly fireproof to avoid burning or melting when your fireplace is in use.

Fireplace Upgrades

Fireplace upgrades are available to enhance your existing fireplace and revitalize it in a way that makes it more welcoming and comforting to your home. You can consider brick restoration and repoint as part of a fireplace upgrade. Some clients also choose to completely strip their fireplace and install new building materials, such as stone or brick. We can also assist in refinishing your fireplace so that you can make use of the materials and fireplace you already have. You would be surprised how far a good paint job or repointing can go!

Brick Fireplaces

We have extensive experience in installing brick fireplaces of any shape or size. Naturally, as the professional masons in the area, we enjoy working with brick and incorporating it into a fireplace to give your home a traditional and warm feel. The brick itself is installed around the fireplace and can be extended onto the ground where your fireplace juts out from the bottom and before it reaches your living room flooring. We can also build your fireplace up with a ledge that you can sit on when enjoying the fire. Many clients prefer this type of fireplace, especially if they have pets or children, and they want an extra layer of safety.

Stone Fireplaces

If you want a more natural appearance for your fireplace, then you will definitely want to consider stone. Stone offers a neutral but welcoming aesthetic for your fireplace so that you can feel comfortable turning it on and resting near it in peace. You can also choose the color and finish of your stone, depending on the color scheme and physical shape that you want the stone in. You can choose from large stones, smaller stones, or a mixture of the two.

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