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Indoor Masonry

man aligning the bricks

Indoor masonry encompasses everything from exposed brick walls to that stunning interior wall to paint over to give your home a rustic-chic appearance. When it comes to indoor masonry, the options are limitless in how you can customize your space and incorporate brick into your interiors. We recommend meeting with one of our brick designers to get some inspiration on your home's indoor masonry – you won't be disappointed!

Masonry Basics

In order to determine if brick would be suitable indoors for you, we recommend setting up a consultation so that you can see some of our previous works and get some inspiration for interior brick designs. Brick does not work inside of every home, so it is important to thoroughly plan how you would like to integrate brick so that it can look as stunning as possible. If you decide that brick is right for you, it is important to then prepare the area where you would like brick installed and measure it accordingly so that it thoroughly fits within your space.

Stone Accent Walls

Another interior feature you may want to consider is a stone accent wall. Along with utilizing brick, we have extensive experience in working with stone because it is constructed in a similar fashion to brick. Stone accent walls can be added throughout your home in areas where you need some texture and dimension, including your kitchen, your bathroom, or even your spa room. Stone can also be used to build indoor fireplaces and expanded outwards onto your lounge areas and patios outdoors.

Indoor Brick Veneers

Brick veneers are a cost-efficient alternative to actual brick walls. Brick veneers are constructed to mimic the appearance of an actual brick wall without having the bricks stacked on top of one another to actually create it. Instead, the wall is flattened, usually with another building material like concrete, and the brick is attached as a vinyl-like adhesive to the surface of the wall. This creates a layer of brick on the wall, even if the structure itself is not made from brick. You can think of brick veneers as a thin layer of real brick that's added to the surface of another building material.

Exposed Brick

Exposed brick has become more popular over the years for those that are looking to achieve that rustic interior aesthetic. Exposed brick is usually the result of a part of the wall having not been covered by plaster. However, there are ways to repurpose your exposed brick so that it looks clean, stylish, and intentional. Much like the rest of your brick, this brick can also be customizable to the rest of your home, so you have free reign to paint it to match the room it’s in. If you have a brick fireplace, you may also want to consider matching the color of your exposed brick to your brick fireplace. This will provide a sense of cohesiveness throughout your home while not overexposing the brick too much.

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