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Residential Masonry

stumping out the cement

Residential masonry services are provided to our residential clients who are looking to incorporate brick into their homes or could use a helping hand when it comes to revitalizing their existing brick. We offer a range of residential masonry services that are catered to your needs so that you never have to worry about having to repair or replace your brick on your own. Some of our residential masonry services include building a new structure with either brick or stone, repairing an existing structure, as well as revitalizing your brickwork by repointing it or cleaning it thoroughly.

Stone Masonry

Stone masonry services allow you to opt away from a brick if you have a specific aesthetic or theme that you would like to maintain throughout your home. Stone offers great levels of durability and provides a beautiful appearance for any outdoor space. Many of our clients consider stone for their walkways, driveways, and patios. You may also want to consider installing stone in other areas of your home, including a bathroom (or shower) or your spa room.

Best Brick in Ottawa

As the professional residential masonry company, we have extensive experience in providing the best brick and other residential masonry services to our valued customers in the Ottawa, ON area. We believe in the importance of offering affordable and durable solutions when it comes to enhancing your home or customizing it in a particular way. All of our masonry services are provided by our team of professional masons who is eager to help you have the best brick in Ottawa that is possible!


Brickwork refers to the delicate process in which we lay bricks to accommodate your building structure. Not all structures can simply have bricks on top of each other. Most take some form of planning and engineering to ensure that the structure is safely-built and there are enough weight and balance on either side to avoid tipping or caving in. We provide professional brickwork with the brick of your choosing and install it using only the best techniques to do so. Brickwork can also be considered for your outdoor space to complement your landscaping, including brick edging, brick steps, brick retaining walls, brick decks, and even brick patios.

Choosing Your Brick

When it comes to choosing your brick, there are various ones to choose from that come in a selection of colors and finishes. The one that you choose will likely depend on your personal preferences and your budget. Those that have more details and refined finishes are often more expensive, while those that maintain the traditional and natural brick-look are more affordable. It should also be noted that most brick can be painted if you choose that you would like to customize it at a later time. Painting your brick does not compromise its strength or integrity but simply adds a stunning finish to the exterior, top layer of the brick that can alter the appearance of your entire structure by brightening it up.

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